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Photograph of Imad Pasha, taking a photograph

My name is Imad Pasha — I’m a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (B.A. Astrophysics; B.A. Physics; Minor in Creative Writing). I have also, for the last three years, been on staff at The Daily Californian, the newspaper of record for the city of Berkeley, CA.

At Daily Cal, I have served as a staff writer, head music reporter, head film critic,  Arts & Entertainment editor, and the Editor of the Weekender (Daily Cal’s weekly culture magazine). Additionally, I have been on staff with the photo department, and more often than not, shot the concerts I was reviewing. I have covered shows at a variety of Bay Area venues, including (but not limited to): the Hearst Greek Theatre, the UC Theatre, Golden Gate Park, the Great American Music Hall, The Fillmore, Slim’s, Oakland Metro Operahouse, the Paramount Theatre, Bottom of the Hill, The Masonic, Rickshaw Stop, Brick and Mortar Music Hall, America’s Cup Pavilion, The Independent, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Yoshi’s, Oracle Arena, DNA Lounge and the Fox Theater.

I discovered that in addition to my love of writing and reviewing, I also deeply enjoy photography, and so I’ve collected some of the pictures I’ve taken at concerts over the last few years.

I’m also a dabbler in astrophotography, and while I would never purport to have anything of particular quality in that realm, I’ve included a link to some of my night shots as well, for anyone who might be interested (most likely me, later on).

As indicated by the list above, my portfolio page (top menu) is a lot to get through, so I’ve assembled a few of my favorite shots below.

“Hey! What does ΛCDM Photography mean??” ΛCDM stands for “lambda-cold-dark-matter,” which is the currently prevailing cosmological model for the makeup of our universe. The lambda is known as the “cosmological constant” — a feature of spacetime itself that we call “dark energy” and which is driving the accelerated expansion of the universe. Cold dark matter is matter that has mass, and travels at sub-luminal speeds. Simulations have indicated that dark matter must be of this form for galaxies to form and hold together. “What does this have to do with photography?” Nothing, really. But I’m a nerd and I thought it would be a cooler site name than “Imad took some pics.”

OK Go at The Fillmore

a11OK Go is one of those bands that you simply can’t hate. They’re the musical embodiment of the word “fun,” whether it be through their mind-boggling music videos or the sheer volume of confetti they blast into the audience during their shows. In fact, part of what makes them special is they don’t just shoot confetti during the finale — they do it during the opener (and half the songs in between), allowing me to capture this shot of frontman Damian Kulash positively swimming in brightly colored, fluttering papers. A magical moment for me.

DNCE at The Fillmore

IMG_3077DNCE — which contains in its ranks former Disney star Joe Jonas — might not seem an obvious choice for a favorite show. But I’ll stand by my assertion that snooty notions of “musical complexity” be damned: pop concerts are the most fun. And DNCE put on a great pop concert. In particular, guitarist JinJoo Lee was a joy to watch shredding through guitar solos that don’t make appearances in the band’s radio-friendly album tracks. Okay, cut me some slack. I was this close to Joe Jonas. Like…. THIS CLOSE:


Bleachers at Outside Lands 2017

IMG_4749Much in the same vein as DNCE, Bleachers put on an exuberant pop show that was fun to watch (see that sax in the background? There’s no such thing as too much sax). But most of all, I like this shot because everything conspired against it. Our paper was awarded photo-passes, but not pit access, so I was shooting from 30 rows back, around jumping heads and waving hands. All the same, one moment of serendipity struck, and I caught a crowd-free shot of Jack Antonoff as he stood on top of the barrier with the audience. And there’s something cool about seeing the cord of the microphone holding a position your eye would never see it in.

Moon Taxi at The Fillmore

IMG_6662 I’m starting to notice a pattern here — that a lot of my favorite shots come out of The Fillmore. Maybe that’s (subconsciously) one of the reasons I ranked it number one on my list of best Bay Area venues. Maybe it’s the lighting? Maybe it’s the stage height and angles afforded by the venue itself. Either way, I loved the color composition of this, the smooth gradient from white to magenta to purple, and the frozen capture of lead singer Trevor Terndrup, which was thankfully both not blurry or washed out. Side note: how did his hat stay on!?

The Lemon Twigs at Outside Lands

IMG_3437I feel like it’s every concert photographer’s secret goal to catch guitarists at this very moment — the peak of the jump. It was the middle of the day, no stage lighting to speak of, but still. He got up there. 

All-American Rejects and Dashboard Confessional at The Masonic

IMG_1594After I went to this show, a post-doc friend of mine (i.e., around 8-9 years older than me) told me he was super jealous that I got to live out his high-school fantasy. The two of us perfectly book-end the era of emo — of bands like AAR, Dashboard, MCR, etc. I know people 1, 2 years younger than me that have never heard of AAR. My post-doc friend was on the leading edge — almost out of high school when Move Along dropped. I was entering middle school, just old enough to start finding my own music. It’s odd, but comforting to me in a way that the two of us, with very different ages, were experiencing that music at the same time. Also, this is the first concert I employed a new 80mm (eff) prime lens at, and I was very happy with the results.


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